Well test meters

.MPM can provide multiphase meters for well testing puposes, which is a more efficient and safer way to conduct well testing than using conventional test separators (vessels).

All MPM High Performance Meters used for well testing services comes with full MPM metering technology options and have HP/HT design specifications. The meter body is machined out of one solid block of steel and there are no rotating parts, seals or gaskets. All wetted parts are made of Inconel 625 material and the MPM meter is therefore safe to use on wells with high concentration of H2S and CO2 and complies in full with the latest NACE MR0175 standard. The accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability of the MPM High Performance Meter are far better than any conventional multiphase meter or test separator.

MPM Field Services Engineers have extensive experience with multiphase well testing and HP/HT operations. MPM Field Services Engineers have conducted specialist training in multiphase metering, well control and H2S/Radiation Safety.

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"The parallel to MPM's Technology is when the combustion motor replace the steam engine."

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Photo: StatoilHydro
Photo: StatoilHydro
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